Consumer goods stories



Enter a new market

Our client in the food industry had recently entered a new market in Europe. To help establish its reputation in the country, we built a tailored engagement programme with stakeholders, including media and NGOs, to consolidate its position with a wide, relevant audience at national level.

Contribute to the policy framework

Our client, a food company, wished to provide input to EU sustainability policy. We conducted stakeholder workshops gathering industry representatives and multidisciplinary experts to produce joint recommendations based on real-world experience for EU policymakers. This contributed to the creation of a positive, collaborative work environment between the research and policy communities.

Optimise functioning

A major industry association looked to increase membership value and optimise its governance. We designed a comprehensive survey for members and Secretariat, and elaborated strategic recommendations based on feedback received for the association board.

Integrity of the single market

Our client, a consumer goods manufacturer, looked to share its expertise in product compliance and safety to the legislative review of the EU market surveillance system. We accompanied the company in its interactions with the EU institutions, from large-scale campaigning and coalition building to legal action, notably an infringement procedure against a Member State to prevent non-compliant products from entering the Single Market.

Anticipate policy developments

A major national logistics company planned an expansion in other EU Member States. We outlined possible scenarios by analysing current and forthcoming European legislation in logistics, consumer goods and food sectors, as well as an overview of competitors’ activities. Our client was able to plan entry into new markets strategically.