What’s in that Aachen Treaty, anyway?

NOVE analyses the Aachen Treaty signed 22 January by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Merkel.

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NOVE unpacks the new European Parliament

On 23-26 May, EU voters will go to the polls to decide the shape of the European Parliament for the next five years.

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Horizon Europe: NOVE’s take

On 7 June, the European Commission presented the legislative proposal for Horizon Europe, the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

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NOVE’s Bubbling Up takes on artificial intelligence

On March 22, NOVE’s Bubbling Up held its third event at NOVE’s offices in the Hôtel Tassel. After a first event on fake news and a second one on trade, this third edition was dedicated to the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI).

This edition featured Andrés Álvarez Fernandez from the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies of the European Commission, who gave participants an update on the Group’s recently published report in Artifical Intelligence Review, while providing insight into the ethical issues surrounding AI, robotics and autonomous systems.

Various AI-themed activites included a photo booth, an AI chatbot demonstrating interactive conversations, guessing games involving human and machine generated art and poetry, and the now classic Bubbling Up activity: “fact or fake” cards to test our guests’ knowledge on the subject.

The Bubbling Up team would like to thank our speaker Andrés Álvarez Fernandez and all attendees for participating in this third successful event, and look forward to seeing you again at the next edition which will take place before the summer 2018.

All pictures taken during the evening by the team or by attendees with the Photobooth will be available on our Facebook group.

Organised by NOVE, Bubbling Up is a regular gathering of young professionals in public policy to exchange ideas on topical issues of the day. Bubbling Up’s events are based on the idea that it is not in the conference hall that our minds are made up, but at the bar or the buffet table – in conversation with our peers.

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The ins and outs of the Commission’s new digital tax proposal

The Commission has launched its digital tax package. Our analysis outlines its contents and reactions so far.

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NOVE analyses Italian elections

Last Sunday, Italy voted. We've got the details.

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GroKo 2.0

Germany's Social Democrats have approved the coalition agreement with Chancellor Merkel's CDU/CSU. What do the next 4 years hold in store?

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NOVE’s take on EU Industry Day

NOVE reports on the second annual EU Industry Day

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Charles Laroche joins NOVE

NOVE is proud to welcome Charles Laroche to the team.

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NOVE joins platform of Portuguese digital policy professionals

ConnectPT launched on 30 January. NOVE Senior Consultant Frederico do Nascimento Costa is a member of the executive committee.

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